A Fun, Supportive Environment

Seton Hill University offers intercultural students a supportive environment in which to learn, live and grow. Once admitted to Seton Hill, you will benefit from the services of the Office of Diversity, Inclusion and International Student Services. This office exists to support you with anything from immigration status to social or personal adjustment to life in the United States.

"The Office of Diversity, Inclusion and International Student Services is like a home to me and especially to everyone that needs a safe place. You can count on people being friendly and supportive in this office and we always have educational discussions about what’s going on around us in the world." 

- George Demetriades, Graduate Assistant, 2022, Cyprus  

Activities & Campus Life

The Office of Diversity, Inclusion and International Student Services offers many programs and activities throughout the academic year to help promote diverse cultures on campus. Activities include club meetings where students socialize, fundraisers, an annual Intercultural Food Festival where students prepare food and drink from their cultures and offer them to the Seton Hill community, educational programs on current global issues and off-campus trips.

Multicultural and international students also participate in the many other clubs and organizations at Seton Hill, and can also take advantage of the numerous activities that Seton Hill offers to its community, like weekly yoga sessions, kickboxing, whitewater rafting, coffee houses, concerts, comedy shows, art exhibitions and much more.

A sampling of the events organized by the Office of Diversity, Inclusion and International Services is listed below.

Annual Food Festival

Each fall semester, intercultural students are invited to choose a recipe from home to prepare for the food festival and share with the rest of the Seton Hill community. 

Other Cultural Celebrations

Throughout the year, the Office of Diversity, Inclusion and International Services recognizes holidays and celebrations that are important to our students, and conducts events and programs in honor of each cultural heritage month. Events in the past have included Diwali, Lunar New Year and Ramadan. 

"The Black Student Union creates a space for all to meet a friendly face." 

- Dioh Desuah, Class of 2023

English Language Learners

Seton Hill offers an English language course for international students or anyone who would like to strengthen their English skills. Through this course, you will receive encouragement and support in: writing, reading, speaking and listening. Faculty will assist you with conversational practice, generating ideas for writing topics, locating main ideas within texts, producing clear structures, practicing key grammar rules and developing intercultural skills. Conversational tutorials are also offered weekly to provide additional assistance. You are welcome to attend these tutorials, even if you are not registered for English language coursework in a given semester.

Health Insurance

Health insurance is mandatory for international students and is provided through Seton Hill. Once students are accepted to Seton Hill, insurance details will be sent. Please keep in mind, if you are an international student athlete, you have NCAA requirements for insurance while participating in sports. Please note that medical services in the United States are often expensive; the United States does not have a national health program. Having insurance will cover, or offset, the cost of health care services. Please contact Keisha Che’re Jimmerson, Dean of Students & Diversity Officer at: (724) 830-1089, (800) 826-6234 or jimmerson@cardioalejoteam.com for details on health insurance.